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THE ARTIST SPEAKS: I studied economics. However, I actually doodled my way through Queen's University. So, inevitably, after graduating more doodling ensued including writing gags for a cartoonist at The New Yorker Magazine. My desire to create ideas led me to a job as a Toronto advertising copywriter and illustrator. It quickly became clear that all my best ads were cartoons as many went on to win awards in Canada, The U.S., Austria and Germany.

Since 1992, I have been a full time cartoonist. Among other things, I create the editorial cartoon for The Georgia Straight newspaper, a weekly in Vancouver, BC.

Along the way, I have discovered that different ideas demand different styles. So click through the icons above to see my full range of work.

I have recently added a new page of conceptual work which reflects my profound interest in optical illusions. They are endlessly fascinating to create. Indeed, they are an ongoing set of visual experiments in both line and colour. I ultimately envision some of these works of visual play being rendered very large. I delight in their creation and I think you will see why when you take a look.

You can also peruse cartoon greeting cards that I've created at There, you'll also see cards by several other inspired artists.

Be in touch with me by email or phone and we can discuss prices for existing work, prints or commissions.

(604) 733-9993

This is one of my favourite cartoons. I have featured it here so you can't miss it.